Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Essential by T.C. Lethbridge

'The Essential T.C. Lethbridge' is an abridgement of the later works of Lethbridge, in which the major ideas were that ghosts are pictures produced by human minds rather than the spirits of the departed; that there is something entirely wrong with our general conception of time; and that magic, in the traditional sense, is the application of resonance - the interconnection of all things. His studies, as shown in this book, range from ghosts and field theory, through the uses of dowsing and psychometry, to a theory of a 'master plan' beyond evolution and physical death. The last part of the book deals with Lethbridge's researches into the legends of the 'sons of God' - the myths and legends which so many have interpreted as proof of ancient visitors from other worlds. Lethbridge approached this difficult material as an archaeologist, extending his former researches into witchcraft and the old gods, and arrives at conclusions more comprehensible and relevant than most other writers in the field.

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