Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Feng Shui Essentials by Angela Ang

Content :

Chapter One - Secrets of Heaven and Earth - Revealed in Clear English! · What is Feng Shui All About? · Blaming the Fat · What is the Definition of Feng Shui? · Do You Have to Believe in it For it to Affect You? · You're Electric! · The Ancient Secret of Yi - Chi - Jin · Let's get Magnetised! · Chapter One Recap

Chapter Two - Where Feng Shui Matters to You How do you know that? · Health and Strange Illnesses · Sex Drive and Libido · The Balance Thing · Arguments and Bad Temper, Negative Emotions · Relationship with Yourself, How You Feel About Yourself Chapter Three - Everything Else You Need To Know What is Alignment? · How can this energy thing be so powerful? · I've read books and they don't explain it like this · In Conclusion · Summary & Revision · In Finishing

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