Friday, September 2, 2011

Supercharge Your Emotional Clearing Process ~ Six-Week Guided Training with John's 12 CD Audio Program

The new 12 CD collection is intended to teach the Emotional Clearing Process experientially, in as effective a setting as possible, short of working with a skilled Emotional Clearing Facilitator. In some ways, it may exceed or compliment the benefits of a personal facilitator, with the various elements that have been combined.

These elements include:
•A carefully-conceived spoken dialogue designed to take you through a moving, significant, right-brain guided process, and to provide an energetic ‘anchor’ and companion for you as you work with feelings.

• embedded binaural beats to induce the relaxed Alpha brainwave state and lower.

• Repetitive, ambient, non-intrusive music carefully designed to induce deep relaxation.

• A guided breath count with alternating left-right beats to stimulate left-right brain integration.

12 Audio CD's in MP3| 1.53 GB

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