Saturday, October 1, 2011

CONJUNCTION OF PLANETS (In Hindu Predictive Astrology) by Dr L. R. CHAWDHRI

In the delineation of horoscope, one has to deal with many problems which have already been detailed, the author's world famous book 'Scientific Analysis of Horoscope' based on Hindu astrology, which book became a big volume, so the important aspect of Conjunction of Planets could not be included in that book.

In this book, the effects of conjunction of Planets of two to seven Planets in a house have been described in detail. Prithuyashas, son of Varahamihira has said that effects of conjunction is just the mixture of honey and ghee, if combined in equal quantities will turn out as poison. Each conjunction has been detailed for its benefic and malefic results.

In a conjunction when a planet is found retrograde or combust, it becomes difficult to offer the correct predictions. In this book, all efforts have been made to expound this point in detail. Care is to be taken for the aspects and the position of house and sign for the planet.

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