Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Navamsa in Astrology by Chandulal S Patel

The Navamsa is the most important sub-division of the Hindu Astrology. Usually the Rasi Chart and the Navamsa Chart arc tagged together in the South. The importance of Navarnsa is so great that practically every author of the past (standard telets) has made use of Navamsa technique in his book. Full~fledged books have also been written by renowned teachers of astrology, mainly based on Navamsa Division, such as Jaimini system, Kala Chakra Dasa, Sarvato-bhadra-Chakra and Ankana Shastra. The literature on Navamsa is so vast. that if an attempt is made to collect all those verses, the total figure would go beyond 3000 verses.

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