Monday, October 24, 2011

Rahu and Ketu In Predictive Astrology by Dr. Prem Kumar Sharma

Vedic astrology is a part of Vedic knowledge; hence it is as old as creation.

However, all knowledge if it fa lls in the hands of unworthy people gets distorted and mis represented over a period of time. Given its exceptionally long history, astrology too could not remain free from this malice.

In the recent past, there have also been discussions as to whether astrology is a science. In this regard, I would like to quote the thoughts of India's great seer, Sri Aurobindo, "For if astrology is a science and is to take its proper place, the first necessity is to dissipate by an appeal to the empirical mind of the general public as well as of the sceptical thinker the great mass of unenquiring prejudice that now exists against it."

It is this inner urge to dispel unfounded horrors and prejudices abou t the most important but either misunderstood or ignored nodal points of the MoonRahu and Ketu of Vedic astrology that I am inspired to write this humble book.

The north and the south nodes of the Moon are probably the most interesting and mysterious planetary influences which were visualised by the great Indian seers. A good understanding and practical insight about these nodes will greatly help in the true appreciation of Vedic astrology.

The present state of Vedic as trology calls for continuing research to help restore its lost glory. I am hopeful that this book will inspire contemporary astrologers and the ever increasing number of students of astrology, to further this process.

This book, however, is in no way the final word on the nodal points of the Moon, but it will definitely dispel the darkness of ignorance surrounding these nodes. I believe, 'It is better to light a candle than to curse the darkness', hence this book is a little candle for dispelling this darkness. I have discussed the horoscopes of some famous as well as the general people in this book to prove the efficacy of the basic principles that I have outlined. I hope these w ill help in a better understanding of Rahu and Ketu.

It is my earnest hope that this book will succeed in satisfying your quest for knowledge, and help you in forming a balanced view about the lunar nodal points................. Dr. Prem Kumar Sharma


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