Monday, October 17, 2011

The Vampire Book by DK Publishing

Grade 5 Up—The vampire is truly a deathless figure that has frightened and captivated society over the decades. But the image of the beautiful, powerful, yet mysterious bloodsucker that mesmerizes contemporary culture is a far cry from the early legends found throughout the globe. This guide covers the origins and evolution of vampires throughout history, giving a worldwide perspective on legends, mythology, and lore, from African tales of terror to blood-drinking witches of Southeast Asia. It also covers vampires in literature, film, and television, demonstrating that their hypnotic and spellbinding power is here to stay. The vivid colors in the often full-page art leap from the pages, and the bold font demands attention. Readers who have been swept up in the "Twilight" craze will thoroughly enjoy this alluring introduction.—Donna Rosenblum, Floral Park Memorial High School, NY

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