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The Black Arts by Richard Cavendish

This text describes the practice, theory, and underlying rationale of black magic in all its branches - the summoning and control of evil spirits, necromancy, psychic attack, devil worship, witchcraft, evil charms and spells - as well as other branches of occult theory.

Horary Astrology and the Judgment of Events by Barbara H. Watters

This is a classic of Horary astrology. This book by Ms. Watters is refered to time and again for resolving otherwise unsolveable horary question.


Pleiadian Perspectives on Human Evolution by Amorah Quan Yin

The Pleiadian Emissaries of Light provide this fascinating chronicle of human spiritual evolution from a galactic perspective. This wider history of our solar system restores the long-forgotten connection of humankind with Venus, Mars, Maldek, and Earth. The truth about our ancient past is uncovered, helping us to remember the experiences that have caused us to function dualistically, and guiding us toward karmic wholeness as unified and divine beings.


Tantric Techniques by Jeffrey Hopkins

Tantric deity yoga is the contemplative practice of visualizing oneself as a buddha, replete with compassion and wisdom, acting altruistically to benefit all sentient beings. This book offers a complete system of Tibetan Buddhist tantric meditation that details the process of transforming oneself through the step-by-step use of the imagination. Hopkins offers a contemporary Western perspective on the practice of deity yoga, based on his study and practice of these techniques.


Runes and Runic Inscriptions: Collected Essays on Anglo-Saxon and Viking Runes by R.I. Page

How, where and why runes were used is still often mysterious; they continue to set puzzles for those who study them, among whom few are better known than the author of this book. Here he investigates evidence from Anglo-Saxon runic coins to Manx inscribed stones, including many of the known Anglo-Saxon runic inscriptions (notably the Ruthwell cross and the Franks casket) and manuscripts, and looks in passing at some Scandinavian material, both in Great Britain and elsewhere. In addition to these detailed descriptions of inscriptions, and of the runic futhorc, or alphabet, on which they are based, Page also considers wider issues on which runes throw light: magic, paganism and literacy. Archaeologists, historians and others will find this a uniquely useful and authoritative volume on Anglo-Saxon runes.



Creative Visualization For Dummies (For Dummies (Psychology & Self Help) by Robin Nixon

The secret to getting exactly what you want from life — from the man who has!

A businessman who has built up, owned and sold software companies, a nightclub, a bed and breakfast (plus a couple of alehouses), author Robin Nixon knows that worldly success has little to do with the world. It begins with one's self—and one's deepest thoughts. When altered, your thoughts have the ability to impact your behavior and immediate universe, and, indeed, your destiny. Known as "Creative Visualization," this powerfully simple tool has adherents as well known as Oprah Winfrey. In Creative Visualization For Dummies, Robin Nixon gives you the practical tools for pinpointing your goals, becoming more assertive and self-confident, and increasing energy levels and creativity—while on a new journey of self-fulfillment.
* Includes useful visualization techniques and exercises that help you tune into the mind/body connection
* Offers psychological approaches that allow you to take real steps towards success and happiness

For those interested in finding a new direction or finally creating their own luck, this tell-all guide—from the man who's capitalized on its secrets—will offer an inspiring game plan for a new beginning.


Sacred Temples of India by Chinmaya Dunste


1. Dhopabara (6:00)
2. Mount Kailash (8:12)
3. Gir Forest (6:35)
4. Chamba (7:30)
5. Hanuman in New Delhi (4:18)
6. Khajuraho (4:55)
7. Konark (5:01)
8. Chidambaram (5:28)

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Reiki Wellness


01. Flowing (Deuter) (5:30)
02. Whale Dreaming (Kamal) (10:59)
03. Magic Flow (Anugama) (16:04)
04. Healing Circle (Deuter) (12:05)
05. Travellers of the Seas (Kamal) (8:16)
06. Dreamcatcher (Kamal) (9:12)
07. Blessing (Deuter) (6:23)

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Full-Phase Aspects: Astrology's Mirror by Michael Erlewine

The heart of modern astrology is all about aspect between the Sun, Moon, and planets, a technique passed down from the ancient Greeks. All astrologers use aspects. What is not so well understood is the importance of looking at both right and left-handed aspects, what are called full-phase or mirror aspects. A right-handed or separating Square aspect is not the same as a left-handed or applying Square aspect, just as we discriminate between a First Quarter and Fourth Quarter Moon and should be interpreted differently. Championed by astrologers like Dane Rudhyar and L. Edward Johndro, mirror aspects have until now never been fully utilized by counseling astrologers. Here is this powerful counseling technique made easy and fully illustrated (145 color illustrations), complete with detailed interpretations written by Michael Erlewine.


776 1/2: Tables for Practical Ceremonial by James A. Eshelman

Have you ever tried to use Liber 777 (really use it!) to design and implement magical ritual? Can you read it without your glasses? Can you read it with your glasses? Can you pronounce the Hebrew names and words in 777 once you can read them? Can you find your way around its tables quickly and efficiently? (Can you answer yes to any of these questions?) Aleister Crowley's Liber 777 remains one of the most important occult references of the 20th Century, demonstrating the interrelationships of diverse philosophical, religious, mystical, and magical systems from around the world. One of Crowley's finest contributions to both practical and theoretical philosophy was this correlation of numerous world traditions, of East and West alike. Yet it has never been very handy for the practicing magician.

Now, this extraordinary compilation by James A. Eshelman, titled 776 1/2, is designed exclusively to support the practice of ceremonial magick. According to its author, 776 1/2 is not quite 777. 776 1/2 contains 182 tables of the most useful practical ceremonial information. Although much of this comes originally from 777, most of the tables have been supplemented and expanded. The Hebrew and other letters are large, clear, and readable. The columns have been reorganized into a more useful sequence.

Additionally, almost every Hebrew word or Name in the entire work is also transliterated into English to assist the practitioner in pronunciation. Numerous typographical and other mistakes from 777 have been corrected. New tables have been added on such topics as: The Genii and Averse Spirits of the 22 Paths from Liber Arcanorum and Liber Carcerorum; the Thelemic, Scandinavian, Assyro-Babylonian, Celtic, Voudoun, and Santeria pantheons; Psychological Attributions of the 32 Paths; use of the Unicursal Hexagram; the Enochian alphabet and three models of its enumeration; and more.

Practical correspondences of animals, plants, precious and semiprecious stones, magical weapons, incenses, magical powers and mystical states, and others have been expanded. And that's just the first half of the book! Supplementing these extensive lists is a new essay on Ritual Construction (which is also a partial study guide to Crowley's Magick in Theory & Practice) and ten sample magick rituals for such purposes as generating magical force, prosperity, obtaining angelic guardians, remapping your character patterns, the highest spiritual attainments, and The Thelemic Mass.

This third revised edition expands the already popular 1995 edition with new tables and additional data. The instructional essays have been significantly expanded and updated to incorporate new teaching approaches. A new Appendix contains instructions for frequently used small rituals of banishing, invoking, and energizing including the never-before-published Liber Pleiades. In this new edition, 776 1/2 has grown so much, it should be renamed 776 3/4!


Magical Pathworking: Techniques of Active Imagination by Nick Farrell

Personality refinement is a precursor to serious spiritual work. Through techniques of pathworking (guided meditation), your imagination can shine a magic mirror on your personality. This inner landscape reveals your world as your unconscious sees it - a perspective that enables you to make dramatic changes, even to the point of rooting out neuroses and recovering from psychological trauma.

Become the ruler of your own Inner Kingdom with pathworking information that has been in the hands of the the Western Mystery schools for centuries. Nick Farrell unveils this secret material along with his own extensive research into imagination and mind magic.


Hatha Yoga Pradipika by B K S Iyengar,Swami Svatmarama

Written in the 16th century by Swama Svatamarama, this book is concerned with the physical postures and breathing exercises of hatha yoga. It also provides detailed information about the Kundalini, the divine force or energy which is awakened through the practice of yoga.



Sitting in Oblivion: The Heart of Daoist Meditation by Livia Kohn

Sitting in Oblivion, an expansion of Seven Steps to the Tao (1987), outlines the history and intricacies of zuowang, an essential form of Daoist meditation. It divides into two parts. Discussion begins by placing the practice in the larger context of the phenomenology of meditation and Chinese religious history. It then has eight chapters, discussing historical forerunners in pre-Han and Twofold Mystery texts, Tang masters and main works, the theory and practice of Tang Daoist meditation, and its relation to Buddhism and modern science. Translation presents eight core texts, some translated here for the first time, and all with ample annotation. Drawing on decades of Daoist scholarship and meditation experience, this book is the culmination of Kohn s extensive, path-breaking work. It makes difficult materials accessible and greatly enhances our understanding of the complex methods and conceptualizations involved in attaining Dao.



Chakra's Dream - Healing Touch

Tracklist :

01 - Healing Touch
02 - Shiatsu
03 - The Five Elements
04 - The Meridians
05 - Bun-Shin
06 - Therapy
07 - Finger Pressure
08 - Skillful Hands
09 - Ancient Methods
10 - Stesu-Shin
11 - Hands On
12 - Ki
13 - Ying And Yang
14 - Reflection Zones
15 - Mon-Shin
16 - Bo-Shin

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Cosmic Tantra by Ravi Katshuraga


01 Moonraga
02 Shiva's Flute
03 Palace Of The Winds
04 Return
05 Cosmic Light
06 Elavation
07 Rajastan Flower
08 Krishna's Raga
09 Lotus Blossom

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Aletheia, Astrology in the New Aeon for Thelemites by Edward Cornelius

Dedicated to A. '. A. '. and OTO offers an original interpretation of the concept of the natal chart and its connection with the Tree of life and development of practice within the paradigm of Thelema.



Learning Ritual Magic: Fundamental Theory and Practice for the Solitary Apprentice by John Michael Greer, Earl, Jr. King, Clare Vaughn

Learning Ritual Magic is a training manual for anyone serious about improving their magic based on the western mystery traditions, including tarot, ritual magic, Qabalah, and astrology. "What you get out of [magic] can be measured precisely by what you are willing to put into it—and time is the essential ingredient in successful magical training," the authors write. And just as no one expects to run a marathon or play a Bach violin concerto without sufficient training, so practitioners of the magical arts shouldn’t expect to work complex, powerful magical rituals without a solid grounding in the techniques of Hermetic high magic. By spending at least a half hour a day practicing the lessons found in Learning Ritual Magic, the solitary apprentice attains the proper groundwork and experience for working ritual magic.

Learning Ritual Magic provides lessons on meditation and a set of exercises designed to develop basic skills in imagination, will, memory, and self-knowledge, all of which are absolute fundamentals to magical attainment. While the authors discuss the essentials of magical theory, they focus on daily, basic perspectives rather than launching into details of advanced practice.

Designed for the solitary practitioner, Learning Ritual Magic concludes with a ceremony of self-initiation.