Friday, November 18, 2011

Beyond Being - Meditation Audio Collection

Beyond Being is an exciting audio collection based on EEG research into meditation and altered state phenomena. Each CD is designed to stimulate brainwave patterns which facilitate meditation, mental imagery and transcendent experiences.

By studying the neural activity of people experiencing altered states, researchers have been able to pinpoint distinct brainwave patterns associated with intense experiences such as deep meditation, emotional detachment, spiritual experiences, lucid dreaming and even out-of-body experiences.

Being uses specially engineered sound patterns to affect your neural rhythms to help reproduce these complex patterns in your brain. In doing so, this audio collection aides in giving you access to the rarest and most intense mental states known to mankind. Here are some of the experiences reported by users of Beyond Being:

* Vivid, realistic mental imagery
* Feelings of floating or hovering
* Vibrations and tingling sensations
* Feelings of intense happiness or bliss
* Emotional detachment and dissociation from daily worries
* Lucid dreams
* Out-of-body experiences

Most people come here hoping to have an out-of-body experience (OOBE), although that is not the sole purpose of this collection. No CD (or any other product) can guarantee that you will have an OOBE. In our experience, some people are more susceptible to them than others. That said, we continually receive reports from people who have experienced their first OOBEs or lucid dreams while using the Beyond Being collection.

Volume 1: "Transformative, Floating, Out-Of-Body" - Volume 1 induces a brainwave pattern where feelings of floating, loss of a sense of time and out-of-body experiences are most commonly reported.

Highly developed and based on the work of Maxwell Cade, Dr. Edgar Wilson, James Mann and hundreds of reports from users of our brainwave technology, Volume 1 is the perfect tool to give you easy, headphone-free access to the rarest of mental states - states that people spend lifetimes trying to achieve.

Typical experiences while using this volume: Lucid Dreaming, Mental Imagery, Out-Of-Body Experiences (OOBE), Personal Transformations, Feeling of "Floating".

Volume 2: "Insight, Ideas, Premonitions" - Volume 2 induces a brainwave pattern where heightened insight and unique ideas are most commonly reported. Based on the work of John F. Gilbert, Ph.D., Dr. Robert Morone, David Siever, Michael Hutchison, Jose Silva and a host of other researchers, Volume 2 induces brainwave patterns that not only result in an intense feeling of pleasure or happiness, but also give rise to new ideas, new approaches and even visions. Typical experiences while using this volume: "Visions", Intense Happiness, Peace, Bliss, Original / Unique Thought Patterns, Premonitions, Love

Volume 3: "Ancient, Primordial" - Volume 3 induces brainwave patterns commonly found during Tibetan chants and ancient "Shamanic" rituals. Anthropologist Michael Harner and researcher Melinda Maxfield, PhD studied the ceremonies of cultures all around the world and found common rhythms and procedures which, in turn, result in distinct brainwave patterns in the brains of the participants. Volume 3 can temporarily take your mind back in time to a world far different than our own. Typical experiences while using this volume: Detachment, Dissociation, Sinking / Deepening, Feeling Of "Moving"

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