Monday, November 21, 2011

Business Astrology 101: Weaving the Web Between Business and Myth by Georgia Stathis

Written by a full-time professional astrologer, Georgia Stathis specializes in the delineation of individuals and their vocational goals as well as timing and analyzing company and transaction charts. This work is the result of Georgia's observations and experiences over the course of 27 years of study, 25 years of which she has been consulting clients. This groundbreaking book presents a very simple, straightforward approach to analyzing such things as vocational characteristics in an individual's horoscope, as well as a clear procedure on how to analyze either a corporation or real estate transaction chart. Using the basics in astrology plus the mythological characters, Georgia Stathis, a teacher of astrology who works in this specific area, presents a very clear, can-do, method for working with clients that are either companies or individuals. Included in this volume is a new twist on the houses, the dualities of the signs, the eclipses, the planets from a mythological perspective, as well as case study after case study illustrating the various methods.

Georgia Stathis includes her unique approach to the career cycle, the monthly planning cycle, an extremely comprehensive appendix, as well as tools to use with clients when they wish to work with you as a business astrologer. Beginning students of astrology also benefit from Stathis' no muss-no fuss approach to the basics, which are part of this material. Either way, the reader can learn a great deal from this book even if they never use business astrology. A "must-have" reference book for any complete astrological library.


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