Friday, November 18, 2011

Myths and Symbols in Indian Art and Civilization ed. by Heinrich Robert Zimmer

This book interprets for the Western mind the key motifs of India's legend, myth, and folklore, taken directly from the Sanskrit, and illustrated with seventy plates of Indian art. It is primarily an introduction to image-thinking and picture-reading in Indian art and thought, and it seeks to make the profound Hindu and Buddhist intuitions of the riddles of life and death recognizable not merely as Oriental but as universal elements.


List of Plates
I Eternity and Time
1. The Parade of Ants
2. The Wheel of Rebirth
8. The Wisdom of Life
II The Mythology of Vishnu
1. Vishnu's Maya
2. The Waters of Existence
3. The Waters of Non-Existence
4. Maya in Indian Art
III The Guardians of Life
1. The Serpent, Supporter of Vishnu and the Buddha
2. Divinities and their Vehicles
8. The Serpent and the Bird
4. Vishnu as Conqueror of the Serpent
5. The Lotus
6. The Elephant
7. The Sacred Rivers
IV The Cosmic Delight of Shiva
1. The "Fundamental Form" and the "Playful Manifestations"
2. The Phenomenon of Expanding Form
3. Shiva-Shakti
4. The Great Lord
5. The Dance of Shiva
6. The Face of Glory
7. The Destroyer of the Three Towns
V The Goddess
1. The Origin of The Goddess
2. The Island of Jewels
VI Conclusion



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