Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Rahu & Kethu in Bhrigu Astrology by Dr N Srinivasan Shastry

This book which is unique and rare will stand high ahead in disclosing the details of Rahu & Kethu to the lovers of Astrological Science and also to those who are inclined to do research work on the shadowy planets which are working in the dark.

The planets , Rahu and Kethu were treated very lightly, but the author here in this book has individually explained about Rahu and Kethu in a detailed manner revealing their features and strength of their contribution to the native’s life.

The author has used his usual method of displaying significations/effects of Rahu & Kethu in a very unique and different style and has provided a valuable study material in every page of the book.

The highlight of this book is multiple information about the planets Rahu and Kethu and treating them as a family circle, through which minute details are magnified and simplified for predictions.

Lastly, the author has provided in this book the forgotten methods of offering prayers or poojas to neutralize the effects of Sarpa-Dosham.



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