Friday, November 18, 2011

The Stone Missal : Also Known as Gargoyle Magic by Robert Blanchard



  1. Available at the publishers website

  2. This very rare ancient grimoire details the ancient stone masons secret magical system of Gargoyle Magick. This type of magic was actually practiced for hundreds of years in secret by Stone Masons. Filled with strange spells and sexual domination rituals, it serves as a unique look into the world of magic used in the middle ages.

    The IGOS editions gives insights no other edition can. A new edition giving greater insights has recently been published by the International Guild of Occult Sciences. This editions details safe, easy methods to use these powerful spirits that were carved on building all over Europe. Do not be mislead by those that think this is not a real system of magic. These Spirits are powerful and need to be used in a careful manner.

    Like most grimoires, this is NOT a book for beginners. It is best used by an experienced practitioner, that understand ancient magical methods. The older edition requires, lots of general ritual magic knowledge to be used practically.

    For those students of ancient grimoires, this book is a rare treat, not to be missed.. A fascinating read you will find endless joy in. Publisher website