Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Yoga as a Universal Science by Swami Krishnananda

The present volume is the outcome of a series of extempore lectures given by the Swami Krishnanda to the Fourth Batch of trainees under the three months' Yoga Course run by the Yoga-Vedanta Forest Academy of the Divine Life Society. The verbatim transcription of Swamiji's taped lectures has been subjected to minimum, essential editing so as to leave the free flow of Swamiji's discourses unimpaired. It is hoped that the present volume will be received by the world of spiritual seekers.

Table of Contents:
Publisher's preface
God, Man and the Universe
Man's Separation from God
The Mind and Its Functions
Preliminary Instructions on Yoga Practice
Obstacles in Yoga Practice and How to Overcome Them
The Psychology of Yoga
Worship of Isvara
Getting in Tune with the Universe
The Yamas - Our Attitude to the People Around Us
Brahmacharya - An Outlook of Consciousness
Individual Disciplining of One's Own Self
Yogasana and Pranayama
Management and Conquest of Desires
Concentration - Its Significance and Value
Meditation - Theory and Practice
Meditation - Theory and Practice
Empiricality and Transcendentality
Merging in the Bosom of the Creator

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