Friday, December 16, 2011

The Cube of Space: Container of Creation by Kevin Townley

Since the discovery of a written copy of the Sepher Yetzirah in the first century A. D. there have been many books written of the Tree of Life, yet none on the Cube of Space. For the first time a major work has come forth that takes the reader from an introduction of The Cube of Space to a detailed explanation of its parts and relationship to the Tree of Life. The author demonstrates how the Cube of Space is generated through sacred geometry, the Sphere of Binah and the Magic Square of Saturn. Some of the information in this book may create waves in the traditional teachings of the Tree of Life. Undoubtedly, The Cube of Space is an original and bold new work concerning the most neglected areas of study in the Qabalah, and perhaps the most important.

"Kevin Townley's Cube of Space is, as its cover says, a first for this area of study." Townley's book is a major leap forward in an almost forgotten area of Qabalistic thought and practice. Townley goes on to show in step-by-step detail how the flow of divine energies in creation takes us the psychic structure of our own material world...(he) goes on to explain in clear and easy-to-understand language, the theory behind the formation of magical squares...sigils representing...actual flows of energy. For the reader who wants a new look at...a model of creation or a better understanding of Qabalistic, astrological, alchemical, and Tarot correspondences there are few books as thorough as Townley's. The section on magical squares and their permutations alone is valuable reading...Whether this book is destined to become a classic, only time will tell. But you will not be disappointed in it, and you will most likely read it several times as a guide to more advanced Qabalistic work. -- Gnosis Magazine/Winter 1996, by Mark Stavish

"In the study of the Qabalah there is no more important glyph than the Cube of Space with perhaps the exception of the Tree of Life." -- Dr. Paul Foster Case

"This book is without a doubt the most original and useful recent contribution to occult and Tarot studies. It is a brilliant synthesis of ideas which demonstrate for the first time the extent to which the Cube of Space is a coherent repository of interlocking symbolic ideas. It is a work of which every student of Western Qabalah and of Tarot should read." -- Robert Wang, Author of Qabalistic Tarot




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