Thursday, December 22, 2011

Merging with Siva by Satguru Sivaya Subramuniyaswami

A pocketbook of enlightenment lessons from a mystical master, revealing the depths of raja yoga, the clear white light and the ulitmate spiritual destiny of every seeker.

Merging with Siva is a book that has your potential woven into it. It is not the typical book expounding the techniques of yoga or various methods of improving the physical body. It does not offer six dozen kinds of breath control or 108 postures. Instead, it reveals the yoga of life, jñâna yoga, of self-understanding and relationship, of who you are deep inside. This is the yoga of change, of unfolding new perspectives. It is, indeed, the discovery of your own true, divine identity—the I Am, the Being within, the Watcher, the Seer. Discover various areas of your inner and outer mind through carefully observing your reactions to intuitive flashes as you read. You may find yourself thinking, “I have always known that,’’ or “Yes, that is truly what I have experienced.’’ Then mentally build on the acknowledgment of these tiny realizations, and the bigger ones will naturally come at the right time and in the right way. Each lesson is to be absorbed into the subconscious mind, to be experienced, sometimes immediately, such as the lessons on affirmation and the numerous lessons on awareness flowing through the mind as a traveler journeys from city to city. This anyone of any background can experience. Inner light is also described in many lessons. It has been experienced by many, many—the light within a darkened room shining within the body. You do not have to be a saint, sage, philosopher or anything but an ordinary person to experience inner light. This experience makes you an extraordinary person.

Read and absorb each chapter as a complete concept. Don’t belabor each point. This is not a rigorous philosophical treatise, but a free-flowing upadesa of a guru seeing things as they are and responding to questions of devotees at the time, explaining situations that had arisen in the group around him, from an inner perspective. These spontaneous spoken essays describe the strivings of tens of thousands of seekers over a period of fifty years. Their questions are, no doubt, your questions, and my answers given here would no doubt be your answers, because these eternal matters don’t change all that much through the millennia.



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