Monday, December 12, 2011

Signatures on Water by Maneesh De Moor

In Signatures on Water, Maneesh de Moor invites us to relax into the flow of life with a meditative journey of spontaneous sound expressions. Like leaves carried effortlessly down a calming stream, this album features layers of piano that float delicately over subtle instrumentation - creating a sense of peace and tranquility that enables listeners to experience the depths and beauty of the present moment. With a subtle musical fluidity and wholeness, Signatures on Water offers a five-phase meditation that includes:

* "Mindfulness," for helping you softly land in this moment and become aware of the now
* "Compassion," a celestial atmosphere created to open the heart
* "Galaxies Within," for expanding your consciousness
* "Empty Mirror," a piece that facilitates a deepening into presence and encourages even the "watcher" to disappear as stillness remains
* "Always Home," a musical meditation that uses the chant of Om and Tibetan crystal bowls to remind you that wherever you are, you are always home.

Meditative and spacious, Signatures on Water offers a soothing musical experience for meditation, yoga, healing therapies.

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