Thursday, January 12, 2012

The 72 Faces of Man : The Complete Sun Sign Guide to the Path of Initiation by Stephen D. Pugh

It should be clear that an astrological examination of the three principle Aspects of any given person is an exact science, lending itself as it does to unquestionable personality display and physical exhibition. It is wise to know the determining Aspects of the personality, its physical reactions, emotional habits, and mental processes—normal and abnormal; or again, highly helpful to trace the true nature of the individual disposition and ascertain the real subjective causes of its varied reactions, complexes and inhibitions.

To put it simply, I have endeavored to shed light on the most vital and arresting problems associated with the science of astropsychology and astrophysiognomy. I have sought to make a fresh start to enable my readers to arrive at an accuracy of complete personality description that has until now been unknown.

This new teaching on the decanates will be proven as a result of an awakening intuition and the practical application of its rules. You are entering upon a course of study wherein the entire purpose will be to throw you back upon yourself and thus upon your soul which has only, in many cases, made its presence felt at infrequent intervals..........Author


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