Wednesday, January 11, 2012

A Collection of Magical Secrets & A Treatise of Mixed Cabalah by Stephen Skinner

Between the worlds of the Renaissance magician and the modern witch lie the Books of Secrets. Bridging the complexity of Grimoires and the practicality of folk magic, A Collection of Magical Secrets is a treasure trove of simple charms made with easily available materials for healing, love spells, good fortune, gaining familiar spirits, making magical rings, regaining stolen property, and communicating with spirits and angels. A wide range of sympathetic magic techniques such as dreaming, poppets, using bread, herbs, mirrors and sieves, are utilised to ensure the success of the charms.

A Treatise of Mixed Cabalah contains four parts, three of which fit together to develop a greater knowledge of the practical Qabalah. This includes a ritual sequence of prayers and actions for increasing knowledge, practical instructions for the construction, consecration and use of wax pentacles for absent healing, a technique for angelic dream incubation and a system of divination with 112 possible answers.



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  1. I just recently found The Complete Magician's Tables by Stephen Skinner. Here's the link: