Monday, January 23, 2012

Dharma Practice Calendar: 154-Year Buddhist Lunar Calendar by Michael Erlewine

Most dharma practitioners have a meditation or practice schedule based on the lunar calendar, including not only New and Full Moon times, but exact times for the 30 lunar days in each lunar month. Here is a 150-year lunar calendar (1900-2054) that provides the following information for each lunar day: Day of Week Standard Calendar Date Lunar Day (1 to 30) Event Time to Nearest Minute Lunar Month (Karmapa style) Lunar Month (Dalai Lama style) Tibetan New Year (Karmapa) Tibetan New Year (Dalai Lama) Eclipses Indicated by Type Tidal Force Also included are several articles by Michael Erlewine on the lunar cycle and how it relates to Tibetan astrology and dharma practice. Here in a single volume is the essential practice information that appears in yearly practice calendars for a full 150 years - accurate lunar event timing.

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