Friday, January 20, 2012

Emotional Choice: Enrich the Person You Are by Lori McDonald

Take Charge of Your Life, Today!

Start conquering your emotions today with nearly 4 hours of transformational meditations that will assist you with jumping any hurdles that get in the way of your happiness.

Conquer Fear, Anger, Hopelessness, Stress and Sadness with:

# 5 verbally guided meditations on the foundational emotion sets.
# 1 instrumental meditation so you can conquer any emotion you experience.
# 5 worksheets to quickly work through any of the foundational emotion sets.

Every meditation contains brainwave entrainment technology and emotive music created by world renowned expert J.S. Epperson.

Embrace Love, Relaxation, Peace, Empowerment and Joy

Conquer the most common negative emotions with the five foundational emotion sets. Emotion sets are how you will become aware of a negative emotion and then work your way through feeling a contrasting emotion that is more forward moving for you. Below are the foundational emotion sets:

# Fear and Love
# Stress and Relaxation
# Anger and Peace
# Hopelessness and Empowerment
# Sadness and Joy

Unlimited Opportunity for Growth

With the instrumental version you will tap into any emotion that is getting in your way. Thus empowering you to take charge of any emotion that gets in your way.

If you own your emotions, you own your power: conquer your fear, hopelessness, anger, stress and much more with this easy to use program.

Emotional Choice will help you identify and redirect emotions that may not be working for your best good. Combining a series of guided meditations, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), brainwave entrainment and an insightful strategy for self-analysis, Emotional Choice is a heart-felt, scientific and transformative program that allows you to take back control of your emotions.

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