Monday, January 9, 2012

Empowering Intuition by InnerTalk

This compact disc program uses patented and proven InnerTalk subliminal technology.

This program will help you to recognize, develop and act upon your intuition. Einstein reported that his greatest discoveries came from intuition received while in an altered state. "I trust my intuition . I listen to my intuition," etc.

Sample Affirmations:

Intuition is natural.
Intuition is wise.
I trust my intuitions.
I relax.
I become still.
I listen to my intuitions.
I decide quickly.
I trust my decisions.
I feel my intuition.
My intuition perceives.
I have insights.
I am creative.
I trust.
I am confident.

Technology: Single CD InnerTalk
Recommendations: Listen any time. Listen at least (1) one hour per day.

Audio CD | 303 MB


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