Monday, January 2, 2012

Hora Shatak:Basic Concepts of Predictive Astrology by J N Bhasin

In spite of the fact that numerous authoritative classics on Hindu Astrology are available, the author has taken the liberty to present this small volume on the subject. He felt it very necessary due to the experience of several years that certain basic concepts of Astrology that had lost sight of and had not found place in the books of Astrology available at present. As will be seen by the readers, there is a good number of special aspects and principles brought to light in this book, which will prove to be of immense practical utility not only for persons with an elementary knowledge of Astrology but also for those engaged in research and are in an advanced stage of their studies.

The basic concepts of Astrology dealt with in this book are such which ascribe great significance and importance to the connections between a house, its lord and its significator (Karaka).

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