Friday, January 20, 2012

Ipsissimus by E.A. Koetting

Ipsissimus, "the master of the full self." This book is absolutely amazing! It is definitely a must have for anyone who is interested in developing their ability to soul travel (astral project), as well as anyone who is concerned at all in undertaking the process of personal ascension.

Although it is slightly under 140 pages, the amount of information that is contained within Ipsissimus's pages is incalculable. What makes it so different from other books on similar topics is that EA skips over all of the needless mind tricks and techniques that other books propagate, and cuts straight to the chase. The exercises Koetting describes are practical, effective, and are explained thoroughly.

Not only is EA straight-forward with providing the information to the reader, but he also interweaves real examples from his own life into the instruction.

Aside from just being a manual on how to astral project, Koetting goes further and explains the different realms of reality, what they are, and how it is possible that an individual can travel to these realms of existence, among other things, at will. He then goes even further and explains mans true nature and the hidden unlimited potential that all of us carry within.

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