Monday, January 23, 2012

Love is the Way to Ascend : Spiritual Awakening Healing Tools for 2012 and Beyond

This book gives emotional and spiritual tools for facing and getting through confusion in the worst of times. Here are tools of increasing the love within you for the either/ors and the and/buts or whatever happens to our planet. The tools of love cover all these scenarios:

• What if nothing big and untold happens, you are still covered for dealing with this somewhat maddening world as it is and life will go on as usual.
• If this is all a test about your making your own reality—a type of cosmic what you get is what you think—then cutting through the ego fears and the illusions and lures of the material world is your best deal.
• That if there is a big “kaboom!” and you somehow survive, likewise you want ways to work your mind in clear, rational ways to deal with whatever comes.
• That there’s a vibrational shift and people are “Taken Up,” (whatever that means) and you find yourself being one of those people, then you’ve got the spiritual foundation to carry the right vibes.
• That if space aliens offer you a ride on their space ship, you’ve achieved the spiritual depth to join their dimensional loop but being not too loopy about it.

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