Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Nakshatra Chintamani by Chandrakant R Bhatt

This book is meant for the reader who is conversant with the basic principles of Hindu Astrology. It is expected that the reader should possess the knowledge of casting the horoscope. He should know the characteristics of Signs, Planets in Houses, General principles of Judgment, Judgment of the 12 houses, Calculation of Vimshottari Dasha (period) and their judgment.

The students of Krishnamurti Paddhati will find this book extremely useful in understanding the practical aspect of the sub theory. The sum and substance of the sub disposition theory of prediction is that the cuspal sub lord of a house indicates whether the matter signified by the house is promised or denied. If the cuspal sub lord promises, then only during the joint period of the significators of that matter the results are experienced; otherwise not.

Whatever is essential to know prior to the practical application of the principles has been explained by way of illustrations. Each topic has been methodically presented in nutshell. Conclusions drawn are logical and natural. They are neither abrupt nor twisted.

The main object of this book is to make this system of prediction easily accessible to every student of astrology who possesses workable knowledge of the English language; so the language used is simple and lucid.




  1. Dear Samkru, it says that the file is not in good condition, and so it can´t open itself. Thank you for all your work. Jorge

  2. Dear Samkru, It's great if you can re-upload this book. Because we can't open it. Wishing you Health and Success for giving us oppotunity to read these great litrature. Thanks.