Friday, January 6, 2012

Psycho-Cybernetics Subliminal Program by Matt Furey

The Psycho-Cybernetics Subliminal CD's and Guided Visualization Program
Just pop in a Psycho-Cybernetics Subliminal CD and let it play as background music while you work, relax, sleep or play.

Using affirmations and key concepts drawn from Psycho-Cybernetics philosophy, the essence of this remarkable life-changing technology has been translated into a powerful series of subliminal programming CDs.

Subliminal programming is gaining ever-increasing recognition, respect and acceptance as the most dynamic scientific breakthrough in self-improvement technology since the advent of the audio cassette itself. And that was quite some time ago.

Figuratively speaking, you have two "minds." Your conscious mind deals with logic, reasoning, communication, and so on, as it controls and directs your moment-by-moment actions.

Yet the conscious mind represents only a tiny fraction of your total mind power. It is heavily influenced by your remarkably powerful subconscious mind - the "home" of your self-image, self-esteem, creativity, confidence, and much more.

The bulk of your "achievement power" is in your subconscious mind! The Psycho-Cybernetics Subliminal CDs utilize a powerful combination of these methods which can reach your subconscious mind at a greatly accelerated pace because it completely bypasses all interference from the conscious mind.

This in turn allows you to directly command desired changes to the inner source of your greatest power. And, knowing what the recorded affirmations are, you remain in complete control of this exciting process!

Subliminal Affirmations Included in this Program

CD #1:
Increase Your Self-confidence
Unlock Your Success

CD #2:
Enjoy Complete Relaxation
Attain Lasting Happiness
and Peace of Mind

CD #3:
Achieve Your Goals
Stop Procrastinating Now!

CD #4:
Release Your Creative Imagination
Build a More Positive Self-Image

CD #5:
Be More Persuasive in Selling
Be More Confident and Relaxed
Under Pressure

CD #6:
Attain Financial Success
Enjoy Prosperity with Peace of Mind

CD #7:
Release Your Creative Imagination
Self-confidence and Happiness

CD #8:
Let Your Success Mechanism
Work for You
Your Winning Self-image

CDs 1 through 6 each have 10 to 12 carefully sequenced affirmations repeated hundreds of times, and completely hidden from the conscious mind by relaxing music.

Most of these statements are the precise words of Dr. Maxwell Maltz, and all of them serve to reinforce his most important con-cepts. You may listen to these CDs as back-ground music while you're working, playing, exercising, and even while you sleep!

CDs 7 and 8 contain four non-subliminal guided relaxation pro-cesses.

You'll want to use these when you encounter stressful situations and to reinforce the new feelings of confidence, energy, and overall well-being you'll gain as you continue working with this program.

As you relax and listen to beautiful, inspiring, uplifting and energizing music you will be gently guided by the spoken word to begin using the awesome power of your creative imagination.

You will see yourself exactly as you want to be - you'll clearly and powerfully visualize the life you want to live right NOW - as well as the life you truly deserve.

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