Friday, January 6, 2012

Taoist Ways to Transform Stress into Vitality: The Inner Smile * Six Healing Sounds by Mantak Chia

This book guides you through few basic, simple and effective Taoist practices for transforming negative energy into positive; removing the the obstacles in your energy field. More advanced practice of transmutation of negative energy is covered in the book Fusion of the Five Elements, however before you'd work with that one, you'd have to learn Microcosmic Orbit first.

The first practice is called "inner smile". In essence this involves focusing upon the smiling, happy, energy and directing it to different parts of your body. As you relax your mind, emotions and body into this smiling energy, any stress and tension you may feel is bound to be released.

The next set of practices covered in this book are six healing sounds. In Taoist tradition, specific emotions are associated with different organs in your body and so are different sounds which help to clear any energetic obstacles in these organs. Sounds, and accompaning movements are designed to clear and balance the energy of the particular organ. Working with healing sounds also involves focusing upon the imagery (in the simplest form a color) associated with the particular organ.

Five healing sounds are associated with organs in the body - heart, lungs, liver, kidneys and spleen. Sixty healing sound is associated not with the organ, but with the triple warmed meridian. Working with this sixth sound will deeply relax you and if you suffer from insomnia, it may also help you to fall asleep.


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