Friday, January 6, 2012

Unravelling the Mysteries of Mind and Body Through Abhidhamma

Abhidhamma is a Pali word , the language in which the Theravadin records of the teachings of the Buddha have been recorded. The word is composed of the two parts, ‘abhi’ meaning ‘higher’ or ‘greater’ and ‘dhamma’ which means ‘reality’ or ‘truth’ (it can be loosely translated as to mean ‘everything which is real’). The teachings of Abhidhamma may appear dull or complicated in daily life and meditation practices. Therefore it is largely ignored. This book is written to to make Abhidhamma accessible to all, by using simple examples anddirect language to explain the profound Abhidhamma concepts, while keeping the essence of Dhamma. In this way, I the author have extracted the essence of Abhidhamma and relate the importance of it to one’s daily life and meditation practice, putting them into context that is easily understood.


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