Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Yoga of the Christ: (Sequel to 'Beyond the Himalayas') by M MacDonald-Bayne

If you enjoyed beyond the Himalaya then this will have the same effect. It's everything the same ... a continuance on from where the other left off. Some people may dislike the intermingled terminology, and the constant repetition of teaching.

However the composition is old fashioned, the store basic, natural and very direct. Whatever you're into, whatever you're trying to find, this is a book that conveys something, however you want to see is up to you.

As the author writes in the intro to beyond the Himalaya ... "don't judge just read with an open mind", this intro was written before the concept of an "open mind" became a commodity.

If that is not important, and no one is saying it is, well then the story is friendly and enjoyable, few people have written about travelling in old Tibet. I would rate it up there with "Mipam" and Chogyam Trungpa's biography.

And then there is the point that we should undertake the journey rather than read about it and indulge the fabrication ....


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