Friday, February 10, 2012

Directions and Techniques for Meditation by Philippe L. De Coster

This manuscript is for those who want to realise the Highest in themselves. For them meditation is of paramount importance, though there were holy men and women in the past who have realised the ―Highest‖ within themselves, the God-within, through prayer only. They did not know the concept of meditation. However, the intensity of their prayers and their aspirations carried them spontaneously into the world of meditation and far beyond. See it that way, when one prays, he or she goes to the Highest within, the God-within; but, when one meditates, the Highest within, the God within, makes the response towards the meditator. When one advances in meditation, prayer is not al all necessary. Prayer is not necessary because through meditation we are in the ―Presence‖ of the highest within ourselves.

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