Saturday, February 18, 2012

KamakhyaTantra by Radheshyam Chaturvedi

Strictly Warning !!!!! In this booklet given method and mantras are very Rare and Strong , please practice things under proper guidance . Also Given things are only for guidance.


  1. It looks like a very interesting book! I will definitely look forward to learning your language so I can add this book to my psychic, astrology, tarot card, and horoscope resources.

  2. I have no words to express my gratitude for all your posts. Please repost "Chakra Maha Vigyan Granth [ Kundalini Yog Sadhana ] by Sri Dhaneshwaranand Tirth" posted earlier on 1/11/2011 (other than megaupload please). Thanks in advance.

  3. A wonderful book! I am studying tarot, numerology, and psychic readings. This book will add to my knowledge.