Thursday, February 2, 2012

Plants of the Gods: Origins of Hallucinogenic Use by Richard Evans Schultes , Albert Hofmann

Plants Of The Gods is a comprehensive reference work on psychoactive botanicals. It provides a definition of plant hallucinogens and information on phytochemical research on sacred plants, geography of usage and botanical range, the chemical structures of these substances and the use of hallucinogens in medicine.

The plant species discussed include the Amanita (Fly Agaric) mushroom, Atropa (Deadly Nightshade), Yellow and Black Henbane, Mandrake, Cannabis Ergot, Datura, Iboga, Yopo beans, Ayahuasca, Yage, Brugmansia, Peyote, the San Pedro cactus, the Morning Glory plus what the authors term "the little flowers of the gods" which include the various types of Psilocybe mushroom.

This valuable reference work is an informative and detailed guide to entheogenic plants from around the globe; it includes a bibliography and index. The text is enhanced by photographs, illustrations and paintings. There's a section that lists every plant's common & botanical name, historical ethnography, context and purpose of usage, preparation and its chemical composition and effects.

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