Thursday, February 2, 2012

Startypes Visual Ephemeris: 1900-2000 by Michael Erlewine

I have been doing astrological readings for some forty-plus years. Back in the day, my most-used book was a little volume by Hugh McCraig called the "200-Year Ephemeris," which basically was a list of geocentric planets giving the planet positions at the first of each month. When I did a reading with a client, this was the book I reached for to see where Saturn or other planets today were in the natal chart. With the McCraig book in mind, I wanted to create something similar, but what I also needed were graphic wheels to see at a glance where the planets are in the zodiac and what major aspect patterns are present. The StarTypes Visual Ephemerides do all of this and more. Each month has a 360-degree open chart when with planets and aspect patterns drawn in plus a listing of the Sun, Moon, planets and lunar node by degrees and minutes. Given this information, it is easy to flip through the pages and watch the kaleidoscopic aspect patterns change in the sky - perfect for readings...Author

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