Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Angels Appearing: The Nature, Acitivity, and Appearing of Angels in our Modern Times by Pamela Koefoed

In this second edition of Angels Appearing, author and evangelist Pamela Koefoed leads you on an eye-opening and captivating discovery of the remarkable nature, extraordinary purpose, and powerful ministry of angelic beings. In this hard to put down book, you’ll find surprising and empowering truths about angels. Inside its pages, you’ll discover: how angels shaped some of the world’s religions, how to discern between angels of light and darkness, how to receive the supernatural help of God’s angels, and how to partner with them as taught in the Bible. You’ll sit on the edge of your seat as you read factual accounts of soldiers and civilians, men and women, who were rescued by angels and kept from danger. An absorbing look into the spiritual realm, Angels Appearing equips readers in the supernatural and belongs on every believer’s bookshelf and should be included in every ministry school’s curriculum.


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  1. The author of Angels Appearing put her heart into writing a book that will be of great help and provide invaluable insight. She invested over two years of her life to its writing. Interested readers, please consider purchasing the ebook copy from Amazon, $2.99. Or the paperback version. Thank You.