Saturday, March 10, 2012

Breaking Christian Curses : Finding Freedom from Destructive Prayers by Dennis Cramer

Is everything you do a struggle? Does a dark cloud seem to hang over your life? Are you trapped by feelings of abandonment and betrayal? Does severe hopelessness and chronic loneliness keep you paralyzed in debilitating despair? Are you immobilized by self-doubt and a persistent sense of overwhelming inferiority?

You may be cursed! And you are not alone.

In this startling exposé, Dennis Cramer details his 13-year battle with a "christian" curse and how God not only miraculously exposed the source of the curse, but dramatically delivered him from its devastating effects.

Could you be the victim of spiritual abuse? Could other Christians have pronounced failure and defeat over your life?

In order to bring to light this terrible darkness, Dennis takes you on a journey into the evil world of "christian" witchcraft, "christian" cannibalism, and "christian" curses—where you will not only be informed, but set free!


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