Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Harvest of Light : APPROACHES TO THE PARANORMAL by Neville Armstrong

The paranormal is often thought of as concerned with ghosts and apparitions, or else with scientists peering over Zener cards and analysing complicated statistics; or with a stream of utterances from a medium, producing a mixture of facts, some significant, some trivial. It is not usually recognised how wide and varied a field is covered by the paranormal and how full of human interest these approaches can be. Indeed, it covers many types of perception and a wide gamut of human thought and feeling.

This book is an attempt to illustrate the impact of paranormal events and paranormal thinking upon a wide variety of people. All the contributions have appeared during the last ten years or so within the pages of LIGHT, the quarterly Journal which has been published by The College of Psychic Studies since 1881. A number of the contributions were originally given as lectures at the College.


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