Sunday, March 4, 2012

Increase Creativity: Open Channels to Inspiration (Brain Sync Series) by Kelly Howell

Slip on your headphones and listen to Increase Creativity. Within minutes your mind soars to lucid heights of inspiration as new ideas and insights spontaneously flash into consciousness. In this ecstatic state of creative breakthroughs you are able to launch quantum leaps of thought into positive action. Completely free of spoken words, subliminal messages, or any other verbal distractions, Increase Creativity provides 60 minutes of pure and precisely tuned sound waves that balance right and left hemispheres of your brain.

With over 60 bestselling audio programs published worldwide, Kelly Howell is internationally acclaimed for her pioneering work in healing and mind expansion. Her clinically proven Brain Wave Audio Technology is used in prestigious hospitals, biofeedback clinics, and by physicians and psychologists throughout the world.

Audio MP3 | 76.35 MB

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