Thursday, May 24, 2012

Complete Kundalini by G. Jones

This Program Consists Of Four Amazing Learning Modules That Will help activate the Kundalini in you by revealing:

The Power Of The Kundalini Here you'll gain a clear understanding of how to use this new found power.

The Purpose Of The Kundalini Here you'll understand why this power is needed to achieve the ultimate heights of success in any venture.

Kundalini Activation Technique One - Here you will learn to achieve an out of body experience while tapping into this infinite energy source.

Kundalini Activation Technique Two Here you will learn to release the Kundalini and achieve the state of pure bliss.

Kundalini Activation Technique Three While in the alpha-state, you can use this technique to flood your body with pure energy

Kundalini Activation Technique Four Here you'll experience the Kundalini as you activate the seven energy centers along the spine.

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