Friday, May 9, 2014

Ascharya Janak - Phaladayak Tantra, Mantra & Todge.( Hindi )

Strictly Warning !!!!!In this book Given Method and Mantrans anr very rare and strong , Please practice under properguidance Mention things are only for guidance...  

There are six mejor ways of tantra :- Vashikaran , Mohan Stammban , Ucchatan , Maran and Jaran.

In this book you can find easy ways and combinations of various things can create tremendous effects for fulfillment of life.

formulas given in this book are rare and easy to perform , it show you practical way of tantrik shashakarma viddhis and mantra.



    how come the dowload links on this site does not work/ pls assist

  2. How to download this book? please assist .